For over 15 years Fiona Bloom, founder of the Bloom Effect, has been curating international events and strategizing some of the music industry’s most notable public relations campaigns. Her invaluable advice to artists and emerging publicists probably cost more than one month’s rent, but we caught up with her to get a sneak peak of what she will be sharing with attendees at this year’s festival.
What’s one mistake you made in the earlier part of your career that you can share as a cautionary tale to emerging music professionals?
I was too eager and loose with my mouth. Caught myself being a smart arse with too many opinions and didn’t know when to keep quiet. Another important lesson I learned—mistake/s I made—not knowing how to ask for something or losing out on deals because I didn’t let it be known that I initiated them. People quickly forget in this business.
In the music industry it is a little easier to make connections than to sustain them. What are some tips you have for sustaining relationships in the business?
Assist your connections and be open to queries from them as well. Always get back to people in a timely fashion. Connect them to other people so you are a “connector” and not just an active networker. It’s a special talent to have, and not everyone’s capable, but if you have that “connector” quality, you’re gold and everyone remembers you.
Billboard Biz named you one of the top people to follow on Twitter. What suggestions do you have for publicists and artists who are trying to garner more attention through social media?
Don’t broadcast and brag all the time. Definitely share your news, but do it in a way that helps others and educates. The more personal and engaging you are, the better your delivery and skill online becomes. Think of social media as “social” meaning friendly, meaning open and giving and give back. It shouldn’t just be self-promotion—it should be a conversation.
What advice do you have for young people who feel as though they are having trouble navigating their career path in the music industry?
Not get caught up in all the trivia, and just focus on what it is you love about the industry. What you’re passionate about, what makes you tick and what motivates you. Study up on all the advancements in social, mobile and technology, and go to as many seminars/workshops as you can. It will all eventually fall into place. Don’t rush it or force it.
Don’t miss Fiona Bloom Friday, October 19, at 12:30 p.m. as a moderator on the Global Social: Worldwide Impact Of Social Media And Music panel. Also catch Fiona Bloom tonight at the Import/Export showcase at DROM, featuring artists from around the world including New Villager, Alesh, Onili, Adrienne Mack-Davis, Krissy Krissy, Kevin Lester, Miz Metro, TEFF Mayweather-Barbados, Project E.A.R and DOPE D.O.D.