A few months into their recording session for a full-length, Philadelphia’s Find Vienna decided they just couldn’t wait to release new music. The end result was to cut the session short and release In Flight, a six-track EP filled with dreamy vocals and twinkling guitars.
I caught up with Patrick Mencel to talk about the EP, touring and how stoked the band is to be part of one of this year’s CMJ showcases.

On your website it says you’re inspired by “the battle artists fight every day to make ends meet.” How do you feel that that sort of struggle impacts you, and in what ways has it helped to shape Find Vienna?
Find Vienna doesn’t have any plans on giving up. I don’t think it has ever crossed our minds. We are in this for the long haul. We believe in our music, and we believe in ourselves, and we’ve been told that’s the formula for success. Sure we all have our financial issues, but we know they are only temporary.
During the recording of In Flight, you made the decision to release it as an EP instead of going on to make a full length. What sparked that decision?
I find that most artists are perfectionists. Creating an album is no different than painting a picture or telling a story. Sometimes it’s difficult to claim an end result. Oftentimes when I was younger I would continue to paint a picture until it was overdone. When creating music I believe it’s easier to go overboard than to keep things simple and great. Rather than overdue ourselves we decided to end the process of recording In Flight and move on. We ended up with six songs that we thought truly represented the band at the time, released the record, then began recording something entirely new.
Now that the EP is out, how do you feel about that decision? Are you satisfied with the results?
I could not be more proud of In Flight. We cycled through several producers including Dustin Burnett, Nick DiDia and Brian Malouf. The writing process went on for about two years. We started with a group of songs that we felt strongly about releasing but then decided not to. We wanted to make sure we had something real to put into people’s hands—a true representation of the band. So after about two years of trial and error and scrapping previous recordings, we quickly came to terms with where we were heading and recorded most of In Flight over a period of about two months.
Will we see a new full-length album in the near future?
Definitely, and as far as I am concerned, no band can put out a record fast enough. We have been writing for quite some time now and are itching to put something new out there. However we have all agreed to wait until the record is right. We want this one to knock down walls. We want to take risks on this one.
You’re currently touring with the Kin, and you’ve recently hit places as big as the Bunbury Festival. How has your experience been thus far?
The band has been fans of the Kin for quite some time. When they asked us to hit the road with them, it was an immediate yes. They are such a phenomenal group and have inspired us every step of the way. There are no words for when a band you look up to takes you under their wings and shows you the ranks. We have all become great friends on the road, and I think that energy comes off on stage while sharing it with them.
You’ll also be making a stop at CMJ 2012 this week. What are your expectations, and what are you most excited about?
We are just very excited to be a part of CMJ. So many years have gone by with us trying to be a part of it. It’s awesome we finally get to have a slot.
Find Vienna plays Fat Baby on Tuesday, October 16, as part of CMJ 2012.