Goyte, the Belgium-born, Australian-raised multifaceted artist is having the best week ever (no exaggeration). The artist also known as Wally De Backer pushed Adele aside and claimed the throne at the top of this week’s ARIA Charts, Australia’s official music charts, with both the no. 1 single and no. 1 album.
Gotye’s single “Somebody That I Used To Know Featuring Kimbra” has been no. 1 for three weeks and has obviously refused to budge. Instead of backing down, Gotye released his third solo LP, Making Mirrors, which demonstrates he not only can create good singles, but awesome albums as well.
As if the world needed any more proof, Gotye’s two previous albums, Like Drawing Blood and Boardface, reentered the ARIA Charts as people began to refresh themselves with his greatness. A similar thing happened with Adele when 21 was released, putting her debut album 19 back on the ARIA Album Chart. As recently as last week, 21 sat at the no. 1 position and 19 was comfy at no. 5—that was until Gotye arrived.
Gotye will be performing at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Make sure you check back here for the official date(s), and check out the video for “Somebody I Used To Know” below.