In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week Gauntlet Hair gives the scoop on Denver, CO.

Bands Worth Watching


Married In Berdichev

Our friend Brittany Gould’s project. We hate the idea of trying to sum up what she does in just a sentence or two. We suppose it would be best described as atmospheric in a very intense and retching way, but it is also very delicate. She has this voice that is so shatteringly powerful but channels it into a form that feels as if she’s telling you her secrets in the softest voice. We find ourselves misting up almost every time we watch her play.
I Need The Sun by Married in Berdichev


We just played a block party with these guys, and they KILLED IT. It was early in the night, no one really seemed to be drunk, and yet somehow…everyone in the crowd was still dancing. Unbelievable. We’re glad the people of Denver can appreciate this shit. We know we do.

Dat Phat Daddy Does Wooten

Listen to Dat Phat tap away on his 18-string Wooten special. Soar with him on wings of tap-tastic tapping. Watch as he taps his bass as Wooten would tap his bass. He makes tapping his No. 1 priority. Tap into Dat Tap Daddy’s tapping album.
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