Things that I’ve broken:

*My backup computer (I broke my good one last week)

*The video camera’s light

*The shower drain

*A podium

*A website

Things that I’ve severely damaged:

*My ankles

*The part of my throat that involves breathing

*That nose thing that also involves breathing

*At least one band’s dreams

*My ability to ever get hired again

*One hotel room

Things that I’ve gotten:

*Asked to leave one club

*Asked to leave one panel

*Offered a lapdance (not the good kind)

*Bored while interviewing a band

*Beer poured on me by my boss

*Yelled at from the stage

*Yelled at from the audience

*Dissappointed by two bands I thought would be better live

*Recognized six times from being on AUX


Things that I’ve seen:

*One penis (well, two if you’re being technical)

*One car crash

*One pleasant surprise from wandering into a club

*Two sunrises

*The college radio community band together

With so much at my fingertips during CMJ, it’s an easy out to focus on all the things I didn’t do. I didn’t get to see two of the films I had hoped to catch, there were several panels I missed simply because of timing, I’m still apologizing to about a dozen people for somehow not being able to meet face-to-face and don’t even get me started on how many artists I wasn’t able to see perform. It’s just that kind of event that is propelled by having to make tough choices and hopefully at the end one can rest comfortably knowing it’s only possible to do a small fraction of what’s offered. And rest comfortably we shall all do now that this is coming to an end as we all look forward to a full-night’s sleep and some time off the feet. Yet in the soon-to-be afterglow of CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival 2010, thoughts of 2011 are already coming forward, presenting themselves as tantalizing fruit on the musical tree singing their siren’s song, luring us all back to New York City for another five days and nights of blissful exhaustion. Until then, we shall hold onto the memories of this year and perhaps fit a doctor’s visit in over the next few days as well.

Now where’s my bed?


CMJ Survivor