I’m not the kind of guy who misses a meal. I mean, seriously, look at this girth; there are fat kids who are famous for nothing else but being fat and I’m proportionately twice as large as them. Maybe three times. The fact is, there’s so much to do at CMJ this week that I flat out missed lunch. And it wasn’t until about 2:15 a.m. that I realized I had missed dinner too. Fortunately New York City is filled with places to get a bite at all hours of the night. Also fortunate is that I managed to actually see a handful of groups perform tonight, considering several of the bands I tried to see were more content to simply enjoy an extended sound check rather than actually perform. With so many artists performing throughout the week, those common courtesies of hanging out while the mic gets checked 1, 2, 3 tend to get replaced with discovering a new performer down the street that you likely never would have otherwise seen. And what I did manage to see today were two full-blown emotional breakdowns, a guy selling homemade testicular crafts, and one one really pissed off sound guy at one really high band trading highly entertaining banter as if the crowd weren’t even in the room. But they were. They’re in all the rooms.


CMJ guy