With its third album, Attack On Memory, dropping tomorrow on Carpark, Cloud Nothings has released the video for “No Future/No Past,” a dark song about giving up and coming to the realization that there is in fact “no future, no past.”
The music video, directed by Ryan Manning in collaboration with Urban Outfitters as part of the Urban Outfitters Music Video Series, shows a middle-aged man being dragged down a street, up a tree and then left floating upside down on top of said tree. Throughout the video, the focus is on the expression of the man who is being pulled from his home to an empty field in Ohio by the use of two contraptions designed specially by Manning for the video.
Interested in the production of this slightly creepy video? Check out the UO blog for an interview with Cloud Nothings and Manning. And click here to watch the video, which is currently only available on Vimeo.
Tracklist For Attack On Memory:
01. No Future/No Past
02. Wasted Days
03. Fall In
04. Stay Useless
05. Separation
06. No Sentiment
07. Our Plans
08. Cut You