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Fresh off the release of Here And Nowhere Else, Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings strolled through Brooklyn last night for the first of two New York gigs (they’ll be at Bowery Ballroom tonight). Ryley Walker opened the show with a fret-board dominating folk set. Accompanied by a backing band of an electric guitar and keyboard, Walker and co. ventured through expansive folk tunes that featured the perfect combination of electric buzz and Walker’s fastest-fingers-in-the-midwest picking. The band’s proficiency was something to behold, and Walker’s charismatic banter between songs got the whole room smiling.
When Cloud Nothings took the stage, they wasted no time diving into material from their new album. As tight as they were right off the bat, the opening chords to Stay Useless from 2012’s Attack On Memory are what finally sent the crowd into a frenzy. Once the mosh pit opened up, the band covered the entirety of Here and Nowhere Else and most of Attack, with singles Psychic Trauma and I’m Not Part Of Me leading the way in crowd pleasing. Dylan Baldi’s vocals stayed true to the records by taking on an animalistc quality in the set’s more intense moments.
As an encore, Cloud Nothings ran through the droning No Future/No Past before delving into Wasted Days, the fan favorite nine-minute noise-jam epic from Attack. Each of their past two albums may only be eight-songs each, but by the end of this set, there were hardly any vocal chords left to shred in the entire room.