ChompCloud Nothings and Total Babes guitarist Joe Boyer has joined forces with his friends Jayson Gerycz from Cloud Nothings and Chris Brown from Total Babes to create a new pop/punk group called Chomp. Wasting no time, Chomp will release its 11-track debut LP, Buddah Jabba Momma, on September 18 via Exit Stencil.
Chomp is now sharing “Throw Out Your Wish List,” which the band says is “one of the more straight-up pop songs” on the album. Listen to that and check out the LP’s tracklist below.

Tracklist For Buddah Jabba Momma:
01. Standing To Fail
02. Done Waiting
03. Hammers And Nails
04. Witch Hunt
05. Baited
06. Throw Out Your Wish List
07. Fresh Wounds
08. Mind Rape
09. Mission – Demolition
10. In Dreams I Pull Out My Teeth
11. To Save Everything