Dylan Baldi, a 19 year old from the suburbs of Cleveland, is the main man behind everything that is Cloud Nothings—a power-pop group with an occasional punk edge. Cloud Nothings earned notoriety last year with its debut EP Turning On, a collection of eight lo-fi pop songs that were so drenched in fuzz that the lyrics were hardly comprehensible. However, now that Baldi’s project has been picked up by Carpark, the self-titled debut LP has been recorded in a professional manner, allowing for his songwriting skills to be appreciated.

Most of Cloud Nothings’ subject matter appears to revolve around superficial relationship related topics enhanced by Baldi’s angsty snarl that manages to somehow sound sarcastic and sincere at the same time. Musically the album is a quick burst of 11 bubbly songs that never take a dark turn or venture into a minor key. Even on “Not Important,” a short instrumental collapse halfway through the song sounds like the band is happily throwing its instruments back and forth. This tiny freak-out is almost forgotten when 40 seconds of joyous harmonies follow. Then it becomes completely forgotten while the next ten songs play out in the same bubbly vein.