Cibo Matto ended its nearly 10-year absence from music with yesterday’s announcement of a reunion. The band’s return includes plans for a North American tour, titled Yeah Basically Cibo Matto, this summer and a new album in 2012. CMJ posed some questions to the quirky Japanese experimental duo on its upcoming ventures, and the responses from New York-dwelling Miho Hatori and Yuka C. Honda got us as fired up as a large helping of “Sci-Fi Wasabi.”

Why are Cibo Matto reuniting now? Does it have to do with relief efforts for the recent earthquake in Japan?
Waves and ripples of time brought us back together. We felt good. The relief effort made our reunion a must. We felt sure. We feel sure.

Are you planning to play more old music or debut new stuff on tour?

Will the new material reflect the old at all, or is this something totally different?
During our time apart, both of us had been working on other projects, so it has been interesting to get back together and collaborate with all the knowledge and experience we gained. Check out our new video. It’s a teaser hinting at our new sound. It’s the same chefs cooking with some familiar and some new ingredients.[/vimeo]