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After Salt Cathedral opened the eveing with a kind of Bjork-lite, longtime electro-peps, Cibo Matto, came out to a packed house. With three popular ’90s albums and last week’s Hotel Valentine to cull from, keyboardist Yuka Honda and singer Miho Hatori had a lot of ground to cover in a short time. The girls opened with their classic song Sugar Water, (probably most well known for its amazing music video by Michel Gondry), and had fans screaming, particularly one boy with Cibo Matto sunglasses who did a high jump at the end of the song.
Hotel Valentine has been getting solid reviews across the board, and it was obvious that the audience was just as excited to hear the new songs as they were the old. Back when the girls first announced the album during Cibo Matto’s 2011 reunion tour, they’d already been performing a tune called “Ghost Girl” which ultimately became 10th Floor Ghost Girl on Hotel Valentine and turned out to be one of the most dance-inducing songs of the evening. For the encore, Hatori and Honda came out in maid uniforms and sunglasses to sing Housekeeping, the catchiest track off the new record.
Throughout the show, people were begging for faves Know Your Chicken as well as Birthday Cake. Many even took to claiming/screaming that it was their birthday in hopes of inducing the song. Although the two never did get to the absurdly catchy and weird Know Your Chicken, the encore finally closed out with a high-energy rendition of Birthday Cake in which Honda flipped her bleached blond hair around as she screamed the chorus of, “Extra sugar/extra salt!/Extra oil and MSG!”
Photos by Annie Lesser