Photo by Nancy Hoang

I’ve read reviews in the past describing Chvrches‘ Lauren Mayberry as timid while performing, and frankly, that just seems wrong. Last night was Chvrches’ biggest headlining show to date, following the release of the band’s debut LP, The Bones of What You Believe. And though the momentum for the show was high, the pressure the trio felt seemed low, if it was there at all.
Their performance was peppered with lighthearted jokes and Star Wars character impressions by Mayberry, egged on by an amused Martin Doherty. And when Mayberry wasn’t doing her best Jabba the Hutt, she was referring to her light-up microphone stand a “light saber.” “I come from humble beginnings,” she said, after asking if she could switch the mic for something less flashy. And once the change was made, the small but powerful songstress seemed to grow in an instant.
This band belongs on stage, because the confidence they exude is infectious. During “Tether,” Mayberry whipped her microphone cord around and as the song began to crescendo, the audience to began to dance. While the majority of the set featured Mayberry on lead vocals, midway through, the stage lights shut off momentarily to slowly spotlight Martin Doherty who stood center stage for underdog anthem “Under The Tide.” “Head up/stay strong/keep holding your head up” he chanted while frantically dancing, making it impossible for the crowd not to join in.
Rapturous cheers erupted as closing number “The Mother We Share” began to play, and I knew it was going to be special when the people next to me jumped off their chairs and moved with elation to the sweet synth-pop. Some crowd members waved their lighters in the air, and how those people did not get caught by security will forever amaze me. As the song came to end, the audience happily joined Chvrches in its final chorus.
After the band left the stage, naturally the crowd chanted for one more song, and Chvrches complied. “We don’t have many songs on our record,” Mayberry said, but the trio seemed quite happy to keep playing. The night of pure musical bliss ended with “By The Throat,” equipped with technicolor stage lighting leaving the crowd feeling fully satisfied. And as Chvrches left the stage for the final time that night, they gave us one last message: “Thanks for giving a shit.” Really, it was our pleasure.
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