Charles Bradley - Photo by Adela Loconte

Charles Bradley – Photo by Adela Loconte

Local soul/garage pounders, the Jay Vons, got the packed crowd all warmed up with their seven-piece lineup: vocal/guitar, bass/vocals, drums, synth, saxophone, trumpet and a shakin’ tambourine for good measure.
The horn players must be keeping up a jogging regimen, as they came out again to back up soul shouter and headliner, Charles Bradley, for a fun, powerful show. Bradley came out draped in a cape, shiny clothes, a skull belt and a crazy neckless. His show is always very touching, full of tenderness and tears. His obvious talents for charming a crowd by slathering his vocals all over them have finally brought him some acclaim, after years living on the streets. At one point, he acknowledged it himself, as he said to the crowd, “You put me on a stage and took me out of my homeless life.” He played a long set, covering songs from both recent albums, and finished the set going down off the stage to go hug a lot of his fans, with his band grooving strong the whole way. Then he came back on stage again, played one more song, barely able to finish it from the tears running, and left the stage. Again, powerful stuff.
Photos by Adela Loconte.
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