Punk veteran Ian Svenonious’ newest side project returns with Music Is Not For Everyone, a Detroit rock album that grooves along in his typically sarcastic, arrogant and genuine form. The dirty crew of a rhythm section wanders seamlessly through R&B bass lines, blues guitar riffs, filthy organ chords and swinging, simplistic percussion. Meanwhile, Svenonious switches back and forth between a crooning drawl and a heinous bird-like screech.

The songs on Music Is Not For Everyone dance the incredibly thin line where they sound completely believable while the sarcasm still leaks through as subtly as a teenager’s cologne. On “Not Good Enough,” the sleazy, honky-tonk piano makes it sound like a low budget musical’s soundtrack. The chorus then comes in telling the listener, “If you feel like you’re not good enough, then you’re probably not, and you know, you never ever will be,” confirming the track as mediocrity’s newest theme song. A few other songs have similar, quirky themes, like “It’s A Hard, Hard Job (Keeping Everybody High),” a dark take on the pharmaceutical industry.

While the political views expressed on the record are current, the production quality and instrumentation could have fit into any smoky ’60s Detroit bar back where Iggy And The Stooges honed its skills. Stooge influence can be heard multiple times, with the trippy, vocally-driven title track trikingly similar to “We Will Fall” from the group’s self-titled album. And even though Iggy may have ripped his scream from Little Richard, his rendition had to have been an inspiration to the way Svenonius lets loose the occasional crackling screech.