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Last Wednesday at Bowery Ballroom, the riotous California punk outfit Ceremony elevated a holiday-hungry throng of workaday New Yorkers into a fist flying, crowd surfing frenzy. But prior to that barrage of calculated noise and hardcore mayhem, guitarist Tony Molina and his band engaged all with an awesome (mostly) instrumental mania. Ann Arbor-based Pity Sex followed up Molina with their classically indie stylings.

When Ceremony began, the audience’s contained energy exploded in a cavalcade of joyous rage. Vocalist Ross Farrar pushed everything even further by immersing himself in the crowd’s excitement. There’s got to be an obscure word to describe the sense of relief felt when leaving a show without a black eye. But then again, I’m sure that a handful of last night’s show goers are sporting their’s with pride.

Photos by Stephanie Augello