Cassie-Ramone-The-Time-Has-ComeIn the months since the Vivian Girls’ disintegration earlier this year, it has become increasingly clear that all three members are the types who move on relatively quickly. With rotating drummers, two solo careers, and countless side projects, the Vivian Girls’ demise felt more like an impending reality than an inexplicably spontaneous decision. Although lead singer Cassie Ramone has kept busy with the Babies in years prior, by August 26 she will be the third and final ex-Vivian Girl to branch out into solo territory.
Her upcoming record, The Time Has Come (Loglady), has even received the blessing of Ariel Pink, who, aside from guest-starring as a bassist on some of her new tracks, succinctly explained via the label: “This is Cassie’s first record. She used to sing and play guitar in the Vivian Girls. She recorded these songs by herself over the last year or so. She hopes you like the record. Goodbye.”
Past musical associations aside, and judging from this track alone, Ramone’s sound feels uniquely fresh and entirely her own. If anything, its darkly sweet twangs and lo-fi drones indicate a slow-going departure (but a departure nonetheless) from the punky love songs typically associated with the Vivian Girls. Check out the song and the album tracklist below.

Tracklist For The Time Has Come:
01. Song Of Love
02. The Time Has Come
03. Joe’s Song
04. I’m A Freak
05. Hangin On
06. I Don’t Really Wanna Go
07. Sensitive Soul
08. I Send My Love To You