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With a sold-out crowd on hand, Caribou, aka Dan Snaith and friends, hypnotized the Fillmore with their human-crafted beats mixed with vibrant synth tones. But first, Koreless started the evening with futuristic beats mixed with down tempo bass drops. The crowd swayed yet held back, as if waiting for the real dance party to start…

With all four members decked out in white, Caribou marched on out and delivered hit after hit as the crowd pulsed and sang along to Our Love, Can’t Do Without You, Odessa, along with an encore of Sun.

Caribou started off as a solo project of Snaith, but the live incarnation has pushed him and his mates to another level. With Our Love (Merge) dropping in 2014, Caribou has continued to garner the reputation of a premiere band to see in person. Each band member seems to mix and match not just as background figure but as a large piece of the puzzle that makes Caribou so electric on stage. As the lights flickered and drummer Brad Weber laid down the hypnotic tempos, Snaith couldn’t help smile as the Fillmore heaved and bounced to each jam all night long.

Photos and words by Jason Demetillo