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Erick Bradshaw is a Brooklyn-based musician and writer recently popping up as the solo act, Cyanide Tooth. He opened the show at Death By Audio last night in Brooklyn with an explosion of noise combining both music and words—a reading of the Cinderella story intermixed with samples and feedback. It was somewhat difficult to get a handle on at times, but it also reminded me of the reason we exist in this city: to explore art. Endless Boogie came on next and they kept going and going because, well, check their name. This longtime local crew play sporadically, stomping out a blues-tinged guitar solo fest of psych rock. It’s awesome, and you’re probably going to get thirsty about twenty minutes in but you’re like, IS THIS JUST ONE SONG? And then it ends, and you still love them. It’s really nice to actually be able to watch talented musicians play in Williamsburg occasionally where you don’t have to be worried that they’re going to get grounded for being late for school tomorrow.
Up next was Degreaser. The singer Tim Evans is from Tasmania, so he is probably going to hate the fact that they totally remind me of a bunch of dirty, ’80s Australian punk bands like Cosmic Psychos, Boys Next Door and Radio Birdman, but they do. Those are not references to be ashamed of! They play an arresting kind of upbeat sludge rock, a mix of ’90s Seattle grunge with very early ’80s Aussie punk that keeps your attention even though you can’t smoke in New York bars and your Adderall is wearing off. Next! (Degreaser are taking off down South and through the Midwest on tour until the end of May. Go see them!)
Call Of The Wild ploughed enthusiastically into their set like the scene darlings they are. Everyone loves Call Of The Wild, not just because they’re awesome people (which they are), but also because they’re brilliant musicians. But mostly because they are referred to as “Baby Motorhead,” and who the hell doesn’t love Motorhead?
Photos by Harriet Roberts; words by Bree Roberts.