Kanye and ‘Hova waited forever to announce exactly when Watch The Throne would finally see the light of day, but a pair of Los Angeles MCs have made the novel decision to be upfront with the details of a lesser-known superduo of their own. Meet Flash Bang Grenada (pronounced like the explosive, not the Caribbean island paradise), the new collaboration between alt-hip-hop stalwart Busdriver and rap-battle vet Nocando. Having become figureheads in separate swaths of the same local scene, the two now join forces to release 10 Haters, a full-length record featuring guest appearances and production from the likes of Del The Funky Homosapien, Nosaj Thing and Shlohmo. The album drops August 23 on Hellfyre/Grimm Image.

In addition to announcing 10 Haters, Flash Bang Granada has revealed the record’s tastefully named first single, “Beat My Bitch,” which was produced by Nosaj Thing. Don’t worry: “Beat” functions as a noun here, so the song is less about committing misogynistic felonies than it is about dominating an instrumental track by way of your verbal prowess (the line that the title comes from includes the words “make that” before the “beat my bitch” part). Now that we’ve got that cleared up, go ahead and stream the track below with your conscience fully intact.

Tracklist For 10 Haters:
01. Good Cop, Bad Cop (produced by Dibia$e)
02. Beat My Bitch (produced by Nosaj Thing)
03. I Can Teleport (produced by Busdriver)
04. Moisturizer (produced by Mexicans With Guns)
05. Aphrodite (produced by E. Super)
06. Bernie (produced by Busdriver)
07. In A Perfect World Feat. Open Mike Eagle (produced by Mono/Poly)
08. 10 Haters (produced by Free The Robots)
09. Hyperbolic Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien (produced by Shlohmo)
10. Jimmy (produced by Bloccade)