For its sophomore effort Buraka Som Sistema created a consistent dance album staying true to the kuduro sound that spiked its recognition as an official party starter. Komba features 12 tracks of non-stop dance music equipped with just about every instrument one could imagine. The band has perfected the kuduro sound that originated in Luanda, Angola, and literally translates to mean “hard ass”—hard ass beats in Buraka’s case. Taking inspiration from punk, house and tribal music, Komba strategically blends each genre to create an animated audible presentation of what a Buraka concert must physically feel like; full of energy and colorful performance.
Buraka Som Sistema is composed of producers Riot, Conductor, J-WOW (not from Jersey Shore) and Kalaf. The band released the massive single “Sound Of Kuduro,” featuring M.I.A, in 2007 that preluded its debut album, Black Diamond, in 2008. This album features such favorites as Afrikan Boy and Blaya. Afrikan Boy jumps on its first track, “Eskeleto,” which has a techo vibe right up until the middle of a rap verse when the beat drops; this is perhaps one of the most awesome moments in the song and makes for a wisely selected opening track.
As the album grooves along, you are enveloped in well-developed synthesized beats. The title track, “Komba,” featuring Kaysha, introduces a desirable drum pattern under Kaysha’s “I lost control, God save my soul” rhythms. Drifting along to track No. 5, “(We Stay) Up All Night,” with Blaya and Roses Gabor, has a darker sound but is still an enjoyable dance song. Following the lyrics “ring ring ring from my booty call,” there is a hilariously inserted ringing of a telephone followed by a man saying “hello” just in case you thought the booty call line was just for show.
The album concludes with the fiery track “Burakaton,” accompanied by the band Bomba Estéreo. The track has the Bomba Estéreo style laced throughout it and has an electro-Colombian sound. The diversity woven through Komba makes it an easy dance mix, even though you might not be able to understand a healthy chunk of the lyrics that are spoken in different languages. The album’s tight production will draw you in and leave you dancing damp from sweat until the early hours of the morning.