In April, the U.K.-based record label Young Turks released 500 vinyl copies of You Drive Me To Plastic, the debut non-LP by London producer Bullion. The album artwork—two DayGlo hands posed as if chopping and scratching—was etched onto each copy and circulated for six months before its release in the U.S. this week. Bullion, the man who meticulously chopped the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds into crunchy J Dilla beats, used to produce loopy and club-ready tracks for Paul White‘s One Handed label. His Young Turks debut reflects both White’s lopsided, weird-happy beats and the kind of pop sensibility displayed by other Young Turks like the xx and SBTRKT.
You Drive Me To Plastic moves fast, gliding through nine tracks and a slew of different moods in just over 20 minutes. From One Handed Bullion seems to have inherited a taste for noisy, loose beats and mysteriously obscure samples. See “My Castle In England,” which begins with a fangirl monologue even the Google cannot identify. Beats in tracks like “Slight Jig In The Sky” have a lot going on, jangling together an unstable wobble and snappy loops with the kind of exotic flares of Paul White tracks like “One Eye Open.”
This loopy Paul Whiteishness involves a choppy technique Bullion exhibited in his tribute to Dilla, Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee. You Drive Me To Plastic reflects the same fascination with Dilla’s rapid, psychedelic and uneven methodology; “Too Right” stirs a blend of retro psychedelia, snippets of spoken quotes, lurching hip-hop beats and echoes that haunt a bit like the ghost of Dee himself.
Bullion’s short attention span lingers for just over three minutes on the track “Magic Was Ruler,” which we teased over the summer. Its hip-shaking undercurrent of groovy disco-house paired with a sunny and surf-rockish guitar lick reflects a DFA taste and similarly poppy mentality at home on Young Turks, an XL imprint. Such an awareness lends Bullion’s work a tightness that makes his tracks sound clean and organized, even minimalist, despite the tireless circulation of alternating moods, rhythms, styles and samples.