Courtesy of The Bug

U.K. producer The Bug, aka Kevin Martin, aka King Midas Sound, is dropping his first LP since 2008’s London Zoo this August via Ninja Tune. It’s called Angels And Devils, and it features a slew of guests like Death Grips, Liz Harris (Grouper), Gonjasufi, Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu), Copeland (Hype Williams) and more.
Today, Martin shared snippets of Save Me featuring Gonjasufi and the delightfully titled Fuck A Bitch featuring Death Grips. That wonky SoundCloud player there was designed by The Bug. It’s art, I guess. It still works, so listen to the previews and check out the Angels And Devils tracklist below.

Tracklist For Angels And Devils:
01. Void (feat. Liz Harris)
02. Fall (feat. Copeland)
03. Ascension
04. Mi Lost (feat. Miss Red)
05. Pandi
06. Save Me (feat. Gonjasufi)
07. The One (feat. Flowdan)
08. Function (feat. Manga)
09. Fuck A Bitch (feat. Death Grips)
10. Fat Mac (feat. Flowdan)
11. Fuck You (feat. Warrior Queen)
12. Dirty (feat. Flowdan)