Heyrocco - Photo by Natasha Simmons

Heyrocco – Photo by Natasha Simmons

It wasn’t just cold outside in Bowling Green last night. Inside, Concord America started up around 11:30 with Iced Out, and the crowd was a little cold at first too. Persistent technical difficulties didn’t help. But once the bands guitars got going—and Jordan Reynolds, vocals/keyboard for local faves and headliners this eve, Buffalo Rodeo, started swinging her long locks around—the crowd warmed up along with the band. Once offstage, guitarist Ben Presley said it was a rough set, although a fan commented that it was “fucking radical.” Indeed, even deflated from sound mishaps, the Atlanta band’s tricky, mountain-punk churned along strong.
Shortly after, Heyrocco, from Charleston, SC, continued the temperature ratcheting. Starting with a song “about premature ejaculation,” the band wisely went with their laughs. The two guitarists performed in their own world with synchronized movements, only tempoing down to slow dance a few times. Guitarist Nathan Jake Merli lightly strummed his pastel pink guitar to a poppy love song. Take summoned the birthday girl, Jordan Reynolds (ohhhh, that’s why she’d been going nuts all night), up for a duet on stage. The group covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” a lovely picturesque performance, though it felt like a scene from ABC’s Nashville. The crowd started hugging each other and exclaiming numerous “Whooo!”s, as the two wrapped-up their performance, giving Reynolds a birthday party with more than fifty of her closest friends and strangers.
With Reynolds already on stage, her Buffalo Rodeo bandmates Zach Preston (vocals), Ryan Gilbert (drums), Patrick Duncan (bass) and Nathaniel Davis (guitar) joined her to close out the evening, but not before audience members competed in an ugly Christmas sweater contest. The locals were finishing off their tour the way they started, in their hometown to an instantly adoring, predominantly inebriated throng. The song, The Map (recently featured on the College Radio Day 2013 album) was a particular audience-hooting highlight. Lights flickered and bottles of half-full beers crashed into the Christmas lights, right up until 2 a.m. closing time. Now that’s the way to end a tour!
Photos by Natasha Simmons.
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