Straight from Nova Scotia comes Buck 65‘s hilarious new video for “Zombie Delight,” a song off of his most recent album, 20 Odd Years. Like the title implies, it’s no more than a basic rundown on zombies. No deep political or social meaning can be twisted out of the lyrics, and that’s what makes it rule so much. Buck plays almost every role from a news anchor to a shotgun-toting redneck. All zombies are of course in full bloody, body-eating form, and to make the whole thing better, it’s all set to one funky-ass beat. Watch for the “Thriller” dance sequence.

Released February 1, 20 Odd Years is meant to celebrate Buck 65’s now 20 years in the music industry as a performer. On his website, he asks himself if he will still be doing this when he’s 50. “I guarantee you that I will,” he says to answer his own question. “There may not always be an audience, but that didn’t stop me in the beginning.” The album is out now via Warner.