Dylan's Gospel
In 1969, a group of Los Angeles session singers were summoned into a recording studio to create an album that would bring out the subtle spirituality of Bob Dylan’s music. The result was a gospel masterpiece, featuring some of Dylan’s most popular tracks including All Along the Watchtower and Just Like a Woman. Unfortunately this amazing collection, from a group that would be known as The Brothers and Sisters, seemed to fade into obscurity with the passage of time. Now Light In The Attic Records is bringing this soulful endeavor back to life.
Lou Adler—who would soon go on to manage greats such as Carole King, the Mamas and the Papas and many more—is the mastermind behind the project. Merry Clayton, who delivers the harrowing wails on the Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter, and Gloria Jones, who gave the world its first taste of Tainted Love, are among the artists who were involved in the original recordings. Adler was able to cobble them and a number of other left coast gospel greats into a kind of short-term supergroup for the project.
Dylan’s Gospel is due out on April 11, but you can get a preview of the album in the mini-doc below, which features interviews with Clayton and Adler.