Photo by Alex Eriksen

Sunday was the Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show at Brooklyn Bowl, and CMJ was there. We were looking for a quadruple-neck Gibson to hang up in the office like a sail fish, but alas, no luck. We did however scope out some awesome guitars from all the top makers: Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone. It was like the canopy of a rock ‘n’ roll forest, all lacquer coated timber, lit by azure blue LED light. Prices varied from $40 for an acoustic with the Hannah Montana logo, to $40,000 for a custom Gibson. We spied the very rare Gretsch reissue of the 1957 Duo Jet, George Harrison’s axe, going for just $2,000. They also make it in left-handed, which means it’s time to start counting pennies all you south-paw people.
Checking out the legendary hardware was a legendary musician. We saw Steely Dan‘s co-founder and guitarist Walter Becker trying out a few items and chatting with show-goers. This took us a little by surprise but probably shouldn’t, Becker did grow up in Queens, and famous people like to have lazy Sundays too. When people caught onto Becker though his cover was blown, and a miniature crowd started following him around the floor. By then it was six o’clock and the show was winding down. We went home empty-handed, but not without some fresh additions to our Christmas lists and the names of guitar shops in the five boroughs that could fill them.
All photos below by Alex Eriksen
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