Brian Eno has been a music producer, composer, music theorist, singer, and visual artist among other titles, but come May 17, he will be immortalized in film through the documentary, Brian Eno “1971 – 1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth”. Telling his story through what most consider his golden age, the documentary features interviews with Eno’s fellow musicians, writers and friends amid footage of performances and his studio work.

Known as one of the pioneers in the innovation of ambient music, Eno has a musical resume longer than his given name (Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno) that encompasses almost every aspect of creativity. He started as the keyboardist for glam art rock band Roxy music in the ‘70s, then left the group to pursue his solo works. Eno later produced album for the Talking Heads, James and U2. His most recent works include 2010’s November release Small Craft On A Milk Sea and a film counterpart to the album titled Seven Sessions From A Milk Sea, containing footage of improvised performances during the album’s sessions.

The Eno documentary will be released on DVD May 17 with special features that include extended interviews and digital biographies.