North Carolina folk-rock group the Bowerbirds have revealed plans to release a follow-up to this year’s The Clearing, but here’s the twist: the new album will be recorded in an “earth-friendly hand-built recording studio.” And they want your help
The band has launched a Kickstarter to help fund a new Bowerbirds record in addition to a collection of material from member Phil Moore’s Island Dweller side project. Both projects will be recorded in the group’s new solar-powered cabin/recording studio in the woods, which is almost complete.
The band explain its rational behind home recording on the Kickstarter page:

While we were plotting out how to release both these albums in that short amount of time, we figured out that for the same amount of money that we spent to record our last album, we could instead build our own modest recording studio, and record both new albums ourselves in that space, as well as any other music we write, into the future. Which means more music for you, now as well as later.

They’ve already earned $14,030 of their $28,000 goal, but there are still a bunch of great prizes available, including many handcrafted items, previously unreleased recordings, relationship advice and more. There’s even “a detailed magic talisman or amulet with special healing or powerful properties.” Whoa.
Watch the charming Kickstarter video below and click here to pledge.