Photo by Annie Lesser

After opener Clique Talk finished its set, a bald man in the front row shouted loudly, “I am going to sweat on you! I am going to dance, and when I dance, I sweat like a motherfucker. Not when I do other things. Only when I dance!” The people around him looked uncomfortable. He digressed, “I used to have long hair, and when I’d dance I would whip my hair around and people would get covered in sweat.” Despite the initial gross-out factor of this declaration, there were no complaints about anyone’s bodily secretions, as within seconds of !!! starting up its special breed of high energy punk-funk, everyone in the venue was dancing and sweating so much that no one could distinguish his or her own body from his or her neighbors’.
As per usual, lead vocalist Nic Offer spent every second of the band’s set grinding and gyrating on stage, with the occasional high kick. He also wore his signature shorts as he thrust his ass, crotch and hairy legs into the faces of smiling audience members. Three times over the course of the set, Offer almost initiated an orgy by jumping into the crowd, hugging and kissing people as he caressed others with his microphone. Some members of the audience threw confetti at each other and blew bubbles, highlighting the playfulness of the band’s sassy lyrics and Offer’s lively interactions with his fans. For the second-to-last song before the encore, Offer came out wearing a white jacket filled with red and white lights, pretending to bless the audience with his glow.
!!! played its cover of Prince’s “Extra Loveable,” for which it just finished recording a single, as well as a few new songs, declaring that the band was working on a new album. The group plans to return to the studio after it finishes up this tour, with shows at Brooklyn’s Bell House on September 9 and the Virgin Free Fest in Maryland the day after.
All photos below by Annie Lesser
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