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The Glendale, California-based, no-nonsense rock band duo the Bots headlined Baby’s All Right last night. Comprised of brothers Anaiah and Mikaiah Lei, the former hacking away at his drum set with Xs on his hands, the Bots—perhaps due to their well-received showing at Coachallea—garnered a fair amount of buzz and a dozen or so photographers for the set, despite the fact that the group has yet to release a full-length release. The EPs and singles they have released, though, were familiar and well-received by the crowd.
Frontman Mikaiah was the exact antithesis of his brother Anaiah, who remained intrepid and wordless throughout the set, even though a microphone was leveled at the side of his mouth. Mikaiah moved with all the vigor and erratic consistency of a rogue jackhammer. His guitar strap became unhinged more than a few times from all the jerk-thrash motions he made to songs like 5:17 and War. The truly impressionable part of the performance was the way the two young musicians transitioned from bellowing, boisterous, sound-clashing numbers to sauntering, melodically poignant tracks like No One Knows. Mikaiah’s voice was jarringly innocuous over some of the more harrowing songs, but on No One Knows his range and timbre exceeded the boundaries of turbid garage rock to aesthetically sophisticated guitar music.
Photos by Angel Eugenio Fraden.