This April, Japan’s noise/sludge/punk/metal/non-J-pop band Boris plans to deliver sonic blows to both the left and right eardrums by releasing two albums on April 25 via Sargent House. Kind of like when Nelly released both a hip-hop and an R&B record with Sweat and Suit. Right? Well, maybe not, but the idea is actually very similar.

The first one, Attention Please, is supposed to reveal a side of the band that listeners have never heard before. Female guitarist Wata takes to the front of the stage. Her singing voice, which has only been heard on her solo work and a few of the band’s singles, is supposed to bring the band to the most intimate and melodic place that it has ever ventured into. Heavy Rocks, on the other hand, will bring the band right back into that heavy, noisy, wall of sound and chaos territory where it’s most comfortable.

Some hardcore Boris fans out there might be thinking, “Hey ass-face, Heavy Rocks came out in 2002.” Well that’s where you’re wrong. For reasons not entirely comprehendible, the band has decided to name this album of entirely new material the exact same name as the 2002 album that was so loved by fans and adored by critics. This could be due to a lack of creativity (which we doubt) or it could be purely an act of irreverence (which we hope).

The tracklists and the cover art for both albums are listed below. No tour has been announced yet.

Tracklist For Attention Please

01. Attention Please
02. Hope
03. Party Boy
04. See You Next Week
05. Tokyo Wonder Land
06. 16:47:52…
07. Aileron
08. Les Paul Custom ’86
09. Spoon
10. Hand In Hand

Tracklist For Heavy Rocks

01. Riot Sugar
02. 8
04. Jackson Head
05. Missing Pieces
06. Key
07. Window Shopping
08. Tu, La La
09. Aileron