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Wherein we learned that Bonnaroovians high-five each while other yelling “Bonnaroo baby. Hell, yeah!” a lot. You could hear the multitude of claps a few hundred feet away sometimes. And if it wasn’t high fives between the barely clean but welcoming hands, it was the intermittent whoosh of spray paint cans, with a few fans tagging each other with various inebriated mispellings of “Bonnarroooo ’14” all over each other. Sure, the cliches of Bonnaroo as hippie love-in sustain, but you’d have to be pretty hard-hearted not to have fun around the 700 acres of music and love here in Manchester, TN.
For this 13th annual peacenik gathering, Cage the Elephant and Elton John seemed to garner the biggest reaction across the five stages. But every band and side show holds a different attraction for the fans and the acts. For the Yonder Mountain String Band, it’s the honor to entertain their fans while trying to fit in the Neutral Milk Hotel set into their busy schedule. The Futures League mentioned they thought playign here would get some buzz going for their recently released album. An interesting mix of rootsy and poppy acts like Chvrches, Avett Brothers, Naked & the Famous and Jake Bugg between checking out sustainable products and whatnot made it all a quintessentially mind-opening weekend.
Photos by Natasha Simmons.