Bobby, the septet founded by Tom Greenberg and including Mountain Man‘s Molly Sarle in its ranks, has released a new track from its upcoming self-titled album. The latest song, “Groggy,” lives up to its name, slumping through electronic haze and squiggles while Greenberg’s wispy voice pops in for a couple of lines. A bright, guitar- and synth-centered backbone keeps the song from veering into a fuzzy no man’s land. The real fun begins around the three-minute mark, as Greenberg sheds some of the vocal filters, Sarle adds harmonies and a stronger percussion line enters, giving the tune more definition.

Greenberg formed Bobby when he was a senior at Bennington College in Vermont. He and his bandmates, the majority being fellow Bennington students, moved into a house in the small town of Montague, MA, along the Connecticut River with the sole purpose of recording an album. Find out what making music in isolation sounds like when Partisan releases Bobby June 21.

Stream “Groggy” below, or download it here.

Tracklist For Bobby:
01. We Saw

02. Sore Spores

03. Tomb Bloom

04. Nap Champ

05. Dead Outside

06. Loading Phase

07. Ginger

08. Downing

09. Shimmy

10. Groggy

11. Dust Beam

12. The Shed