Teleport yourself to the late 1970s, right before the innocence of modern society was altered by digital and electronic media. Live Forever is your teleport vehicle. Bob Marley greets the crowd with a heavy patois accent, calling for truth and wisdom and exciting the audience by introducing his live show.

The overture in Marley’s live performance can be appreciated in “Exodus,” whose lyrics portray the idea of the “Jah” and the Jamaican faith, heavily spread by Marley. A unique performance of “No Woman No Cry,” an anthem recited to this day, is carried out with Marley’s passion and intense emotional message and is backed up by his plea for equality in “Get Up Stand Up.” The shuddering sound of hope in “Redemption Song,” which has been covered by many artists since Marley’s death in 1981, invokes a feeling of gratitude from the listener to the master himself.

Live Forever is an uncommon treat, symbolic of the previous generation’s musical and spiritual experiences. The album allows a different perspective of Marley’s music—a spiritual gateway via a live sound. Those who in turn would like to explore the artist will experience Marley’s energy and influence in a truthful manner, which best conveys the legendary artist’s presence.