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Last night in Brooklyn at The Wick was an impressive if oddball night for rock ‘n roll. The Pork Torta were all energy, getting the crowd warmed up, sounding a little like a trashier Electric 6 and never slowing down. Then out came infamous one-man band nutter, Bob Log III, whose impressive guitar playing and blown-out vox got the crowd really into it.
“Already a few songs in and guess what, I haven’t made one mistake,” he said through his trademark telephone/motorcycle space helmet. He passed out a bag of balloons instructing everyone to blow them up so that at any point the audience could add “drums” to the songs where they saw fit, or he would stomp on one during his flailing playing. He also brought out an inflatable raft and took a trip around the audience in it on waves of fans’ arms. Playing for almost an hour and a half, he gave this crowd exactly what they wanted: great stomping dancey, space-blues music that didn’t let up for a moment. Can’t ask for much more from a Tuesday night in the dog days of summer.
Photos by Alix Piorun.