Bloodshot Bill single, 2014
Bloodshot Bill has been bringing his gift of hooch’n’holler one-man band ballyhoo down from Montreal for nigh on seven years now, like a Santa with a pompadour. So it makes sense he’s got a Christmas single, Stuffin’ Her Stocking, about to deck the halls of your favorite gin joint on December 9. The video below is from a few years ago, but the tune is available for the first time on this single, with a brand new holiday ditty, Naughty Or Nice, on the flipside. And December 9 brings a whole new album too, Shook Shake, via Norton. So what better time than now to ask the Canuck crooner about some of his favorite Christmas things. Check out his answers and upcoming tour dates below.

Favorite toy you ever got for Christmas
I dunno, probably some G.I Joe toy or something like that. When no one was looking, I used to open my presents and play with the toys weeks before Xmas, then carefully put them back in place into their wrapping. So there was never any big surprise that stands out for me on Xmas morning.

Favorite album you ever got for Christmas
I don’t think I ever got any music for Xmas. My folks were smart enough to leave that up to me, thankfully!

Favorite musical instrument you ever got for Christmas
Again, I don’t think I ever did get any. It was more toys and junk like that. My birthday is around Xmas so I treated myself to a guitar a few years ago, but that’s about it.

Best gift you ever gave someone for Christmas
I have a two-year-old daughter that wants “chocolate candy” from Santa this year, so pretty sure seeing her reaction will be the best.

Worst gift you ever got for Christmas
I’m a total pack rat—there are no bad gifts! Gimme everything and I will never throw it out!

Tour Dates For Bloodshot Bill:
12/04 – Three Sheets – New Haven, CT
12/05 – Bell House – Brooklyn, NY (Norton Holiday Weekend) *
12/06 – Skinny Dennis – Brooklyn, NY (Early Acoustic show 4-6 p.m.) *
12/07 – The Parlour – Providence, RI
12/08 – Opus – Salem, MA
12/12 – Library – Midland, ON *
12/13 – Silver Dollar – Toronto, ON *
12/17 – Geno’s Rock Club – Portland, ME
12/18 – TBA
12/19 – Sonny’s – Dover, NH
12/20 – Atwoods – Cambridge, MA
01/23 – Hindenberg – Vancouver, BC
01/24 – Slim’s Last Chance – Seattle, WA
* – w/ the Hick-Ups