Photos by Annie Lesser

Sweat dripped from leather-jacket-clad men, middle-aged, chunky-jewelry-sporting women and young girls who wore bright leggings that complemented the dyed streaks in their hair. Debbie Harry, lead singer and founding member of Blondie, was one with her accessorized minions, coming out wearing sparkling sunglasses, a black jacket and a giant red skirt. She sang with rockstar conviction and danced part awkward Rivers Cuomo, part sexy 1970s gogo dancer while still being cool.
From the original Blondie lineup, Harry was joined by Chris Stein on guitar and Clem Burke on drums, in addition to ex-Blondie studio musician, now full-on member, Leigh Foxx on bass, Tommy Kessler on guitar and Matt Katz-Bohen on keyboards and keytar. Burke, sporting a David Bowie T-shirt, went crazy within the confines of his plexiglass cage, good for keeping his drumsticks from stabbing any of his band members in the eyes. Katz-Bohen was also in the spirit of theatrics, wearing two giant shoulder pads, African beads and futuristic sunglasses.
Slowly over the course of the night Harry stripped out of many of her layers. During “Wipe Off My Sweat” she whipped her red skirt around like she was a bull fighter, revealing a pair of black short shorts. Soon after, she slowly unbuttoned her jacket before throwing it off to the side of the stage. When the band played “Horizontal Twist,” Harry did rigid robotic twists and let the boys take turns singing with her. Even the audience joined in, as a large group of people screamed “Sheryl Crow it!” when the lyric came up. Aside from all of the classic hits, Blondie played some new songs, like “Love Doesn’t Frighten Me” and “China Shoes” off the new album Panic Of Girls. The band also did an extremely fun, although incomplete, cover of Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right” during the set and an amazing rendition of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” during the encore.
All photos by Annie Lesser.
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