Veteran new wave band Blondie has announced its first studio effort in eight years, titled Panic Of Girls. Recorded mostly in Woodstock, NY, this is the band’s third LP since reuniting in 1997 after a 17-year break. The album, whose surreal cover was created by Dutch artist Chris Berens, is slated for release this September.

On Panic Of Girls, Blondie holds to the trusty sound that’s carried it through its 37-year-long career, while also taking cues from New York City’s ever-dynamic music scene. Among the record’s left turns is a pair of songs sung respectively in French and Spanish, as well as a guest appearance on trumpet by Beirut’s Zach Condon. Not to let Condon have all of the collaborative fun, Blondie will also cover Beirut’s carnivalesque “A Sunday Smile” (from The Flying Club Cup) and the ’80s reggae hit “Girlie Girlie” on the record.

The album’s first single is “Mother,” an electro-pop jam written in homage to a ’90s-famous 14th Street nightclub that shares the same name. The song’s official video—which is what “Thriller” would’ve looked like, had M.J. replaced his zombies’ dance moves with glitter and ordered them to attack a crowd of vaudevillian concertgoers—is streaming below.