For those looking for new music in the realms of techno, hip hop, rap or dubstep, there’s a little known discovery source on the web called Jolly Good Jams, a blog that introduces readers to up and coming artists within those genres by supplying them with a plethora of samples for hours of music.

The site’s mission is simple: inform people about their favorite music. The posts are never too long or wordy, and generally get right to the point with little descriptions here and there of what readers are about to hear. From videos to sound clips, to full album downloads when available, Jolly Good Jams updates daily to keep its followers in the know.

Jolly Good Jams focuses not only on mainstream artists like Bruno Mars, but also highlights unknown artists OCD: Moosh And Twist, a high school rap duo from Philadelphia. The blog was also one of the first to obtain the newest Girl Talk album All Day that “broke the Internet,” and also showcased a few tracks from Kings Of Leon’s Come Around Sundown and Lil Wayne’s EP I Am Not A Human Being.