After announcing earlier this week that it had just been signed to Frenchkiss, Bloc Party has now announced the release of a new album at the end of the year. This record marks the British indie-rock band’s fourth studio album and its first since 2008’s Intimacy.
Bloc Party has slowly started posting videos from its studio sessions on its website, and earlier this week the band announced on Twitter that the writing for the album was finished and ready for recording.
“I think the people that will be into indie music now will be the people that love it,” said frontman Kele Okereke in an interview with Radio 1. “That’s somewhat liberating. We can do whatever we want now, and people will come to it on its own terms. I’m excited about the idea of making rock music again.”
In the meantime transport back to 2005 with the video for “Banquet” from Silent Alarm.