Black Lips - Photos by Kevin Seehousz

Black Lips is a band notorious for its rowdy good time live shows. Tuesday night at Webster Hall was just another party for the Atlanta “flower punk” rockers.

Brooklyn surf-rock trio Vivian Girls hit the stage an hour before Black Lips, playing to a quickly filling room. The girls played a flawless set, covering songs from all three full-length releases. “We have a new album, Share The Joy, out today,” Cassie Ramone announced. “And we want to continue to share the joy with you all.” The set was definitely joyous as you could feel nothing but positive vibes coming through the speakers. Vivian Girls’ sunny surf-style music and bittersweet lyrics were a nice opening to the Lips.

The crowd was buzzing as it moved closer and closer to the stage while the band set up. Black Lips came on with beers in hands, party streamers and rolls of toilet paper—all of which went into the audience. “Who’s 21? Who wants a beer?” guitarist Ian St. Pe asked as he threw his beer into the crowd. From the beginning of the set to the very end, Webster Hall was a giant party. Black Lips gave a riotous performance to a truly rambunctious crowd. The songs were energetic and loud with the garage rock and soulful sound for which the band is known. New songs like “Go Out And Get It” and “Modern Art” from the forthcoming record, Arabia Mountain, were played as well as older fan favorites like “Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah” and “Bad Kids.” That album, to be released on Vice, hits shelves June 7.

Vivian Girls