John Cale Shifting Adventures, John Cale Nookie, John Cale New Album, John Cale CMJElder rock statesman John Cale will release a new album on October 6 , his first since 2005’s Black Acetate and his first full-length for Domino’s Double Six imprint. According to a press release the album was primarily recorded in Cale’s L.A. studio and will feature a collaboration with producer Danger Mouse on the first track “I Wanna Talk 2 U,” and while this all sounds pretty great, what really got me excited was the title of the record: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood.
That’s right: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood. In a year that’s already given us Paul McCartney’s Kisses On The Bottom, this is truly a gift from the amazing-album-title-gods.
Playful titles aren’t necessarily a new thing for Cale—his 2003 comeback album was called HoboSapiens, and in 2011 he put out an EP called Extra Playful—but this new one is the first to hint at a connection that I’ve been pondering for years: Is John Cale, Velvet Underground founding member, experimental rock legend and expert viola player, actually a huge fan of ’90s alternarock mall-rat titans Limp Bizkit? More specifically, is John Cale writing Limp Bizkit fan fiction? If you’re confused, take a quick look at this:

What other “Nookie” could Mr. Cale be referring to? Sure, it’s a pretty wide-spread Cockney slang term for sexual intercourse, and, OK, maybe Cale is referring to the lead singer of Russian nu-metal band Slot, but I’m not buying it. Until I’m proven otherwise I’m going to keep on believing Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood is a concept album about John Cale and Fred Durst starting a detective agency that investigates paranormal activity in an alternate universe where Wes Borland has become the governor of California and various supernatural creatures wander the streets like the crowds at Woodstock ’99. It’s like The X-Files but with Lou Reed as the Cigarette Smoking Man.
Fred Durst’s typically exuberant Twitter account has remained silent on the subject.
In addition to these new ventures, Cale will also be playing a series of special concerts at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in January of next year, including a performance of his classic solo album Paris, 1919 and a tribute to Nico.
And here’s “Big White Cloud” off of Cale’s wonderful 1970 solo album, Vintage Violence, which could totally be the title of a Limp Bizkit comeback album.

Tracklist For Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood:
01. I Wanna Talk 2 U
02. Scotland Yard
03. Hemmingway
04. Face To The Sky
05. Nookie Wood
06. December Rains
07. Mary
08. Vampire Cafe
09. Mothra
10. Living With You
11. Midnight Feast
12. Sandman (Flying Dutchman)