Photo by Ashley Eberbach

On the weekend of September 28-30 there will be a My Little Pony fan convention called Canterlot Gardens in Strongsville, OH. According to a post on the convention’s website, rock star, party-enthusiast and motivational speaker Andrew W.K. will give a speech on the 28th with the title “In The Flesh: What Would Pinkie Pie Do?” The post describes A.W.K. as “the real life embodiment of Pinkie Pie herself.” You can read the whole thing (including a description of W.K.’s speech) and find out about other guests featured at the convention here.
Though this news is obviously exciting and hilarious, these developments also force me to ask the following tough question: Is Andrew W.K. a brony?
Urban Dictionary defines a brony as, “A name typically given to the male viewers/fans (whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, etc.) of the My Little Pony show or franchise.” According to that definition, it sure sounds like Andrew W.K. is a brony. Case closed. But is it really so simple?
One would think Andrew W.K. and My Little Pony would go together like long hair and head-banging or rainbows and ponies. Both Andrew W.K. and My Little Pony celebrate friendship, kindness and positivity. Though they both have vibrant fan communities, both My Little Pony and Andrew W.K. can seem impenetrable to outsiders. Both like partying:

However, a quick trip to Andrew W.K.’s Facebook page reveals that the issue may not be so cut and dry. Some fans are angry. Very angry. One man going by the name of “Bro Pug” wrote, “I just lost A LOT of respect for AWK. A brony? Come on dude. Now you’re surfing with the scum of the earth.”
Some commenters struck a more ominous tone, like one who wrote, “There’s no use shedding tears gentlemen. We’ve lost him and he isn’t coming back. The only question is, if they can take someone like Andrew, who will be next??!”
Luckily, there were a few voices of moderation, though they also sound pretty angry. Like this guy who wrote, “People are such ignorant fuck tards, if he likes MLP…THAT’S FINE, but seriously, that’s your damn problem if Andrew Likes MLP, the show is actually quite down right adorable..” Another commenter wrote, “Not liking ponies is fine. Whatever. To each there own, right? So if you liked andrew W. K. before are you just going to stop liking him because hes a brony? Thats just stupid. Pony on, Andrew.”
CMJ agrees. Pony on, Andrew. Pony on, you crazy Diamond Tiara.