We saw Queen Diva Of Bounce, Big Freedia, play at last year’s CMJ Music Marathon. In the most literal senses of the term, it was a butt-fest. Mounds of bare and covered flesh piled on stage, as the NOLA representative (and interior decorator in her own time), backed by panty-clad dancers, beckoned women to come dance with her. One girl had a tassel on her butt, and she bent over to make it twirl happily in a very roundabout motion for at least a good 30 minutes.

In anticipation of Big Freedia’s return to New York on April 26 with cousin duo Javelin in tow, we asked the pied piper (piperess?) of asses and her trusty DJ Rusty Lazer to compile their top five clubs for shaking booty. Behold:

1. Holocene – Portland, OR

This one’s freshest on our minds cuz we just played there last week, but every time we’ve come through it’s been outstanding—the best energy, the most willing crowd and the best possible DJ to get things rollin’! We’ve been there three times thanks to the kindness of DJ Beyonda Doubt, and she’s probably one of the few DJs outside of New Orleans who really knows bounce music and how to use it. For years she’s been warming up the crowd at the Holocene to New Orleans’ best kept secret, and it shows!

2. Club Lambi – Montreal, QC

No doubt about it, Montreal is full of wonderful kids with lots of energy. Club Lambi is a Haitian Community Center that hosted us last year, and though it’s probably not a dance club every night, our show there was ridiculous and outrageous. There wasn’t a stationary booty in the house! We were hosted by Lesbians On Ecstasy, and there’s some awesome live video from the show in the group’s video for “She Likes To Party.”


3. Sway – New York, NY

Roxy Cottontail has shown us the best of Manhattan’s booty-popping madness several times at Sway. We’ve turned her Monday night parties upside down more than once and can’t wait to do it again! It’s such a great combination of beautiful tiled walls, snappy dressers and a tiny, sweaty dance floor that is the perfect recipe for making people feel special, intimate and seriously uninhibited. Once we have that, getting people to do our dirty work is no work at all.

4. TIE: Public Works/The New Parish – San Francisco and Oakland, CA

Since they’re only right across the water from each other it’s hardly fair to separate them. The New Parish and Public Works both draw the kind of crowd we love: DFW—Down For Whatever! They are part of a group of wonderful places we’ve played in the Bay Area. We also love the Stud, the Eagle and all the weird warehouses and living rooms we’ve made messy. Is it alright for our No. 4 favorite just to be a whole city?

5. The Chicken Hut – Location: Unknown

If you know about our show at the Chicken Hut last year then you know everything there is to know about how amazing the Chicken Hut is. Enough said.

Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia by ScionAV