If Van Halen’s music were blown up with a bazooka, it would sound like Seattle-based metal band Big Business. It seems like only yesterday Big Business was just a two-piece drummer/bassist combo consisting of Jared Warren and Coady Willis. Six years later, though, the band has added two extra members and a whole lot of big, doom-metal sound. Quadruple Single is the first set of recordings done with guitarist Scott Martin of the ferocious metal/punk band 400 Blows.

The album is reminiscent of Metallica and the best of ’80s hair metal. The first track off of the four-song EP, “Always Never Know When To Quit,” is a cacophony of screeching guitar solos and screaming lyrics; however, the best part of the EP has to be Willis’ drumming. The percussion sets a heavy, epic pace as Willis hammers down on the crash symbol like it’s nobody’s business. The brightest moment of the album is the last track, “Guns,” a head-banging anthem that repeats the lyrics “Guns are better than everything else” over killer guitar solos. When you listen to “Guns,” you can’t help but imagine the monster mosh pits that must break out during the song at Big Business shows.

If there’s anything that characterize these recordings from
the Big Business of the past it’s the new huge sound the band has adopted. The sound combines classic metal with a new hardcore punk sound. Listening to Quadruple Single is not a passive experience in the least. You can’t spend a nice afternoon reorganizing your stamp collection as you listen to the pounding bassline of “California Square Dance.” This brand of metal music engages the listener on an immediate level.