Photo by Mads Perch

UK producer Stephen Wilkinson, aka Bibio, gives us something to look forward to other than daylight savings with news of a forthcoming LP out March 28. Titled Mind Bokeh (with the latter word referring to the out-of-focus region of a photograph), the 12-track release is the follow-up to 2009’s Ambivalence Avenue and Bibio’s second studio album on Warp.

As you can hear via the sampler below, Mind Bokeh seems to cover both the familiar and otherwise. Like Bibio’s previous album, these snippets demonstrate the producer respectfully chopping up vocals from old songs into smaller pieces and then washing them with sunshine, roses and hip-hop. Trainspotters out there: is the sample Bibio uses at 0:41 the same as the one he used for “Jealous Of Roses”?

Tracklist For Mind Bokeh:

01. Excuses

02. Pretentious

03. Anything New

04. Wake Up!

05. Light Seep

06. Take Off Your Shirt

07. Artists’ Valley

08. K Is For Kelson

09. Mind Bokeh

10. More Excuses

11. Feminine Eye

12. Saint Christopher