Photo by J. Money

As a way of “fluffing the crowd” before Charles Slomovitz’s (Shazam) Beyond BlogFamous panel, MTV’s Nic Harcourt chatted with Extreme Music CEO Russell Emmanuel about penis jokes and their new venture Hype Music. The pair gave tips for people hoping to get music by unsigned artists featured in TV shows, ads and movie trailers, Hype Music’s raison d’être. “Look at the TV shows are out there and think about shows your music would fit on,” Emmanuel told the attendees, advising them to focus their efforts on finding a perfect match. “You told me you were going to tell penis jokes,” Harcourt replied blankly. His eccentric and deadpan wit piqued the attention of crowd members who tweeted their speculations about his sobriety.

Once the speakers for Beyond Blogfamous took to the panel, audience members were encouraged to tweet questions for the group with the hashtag “blogfamous.” The ensuing discussion brought together Ben Goldberg of Ba Da Bing Records, Rolling Stone editor and Sirius XMU host Jenny Eliscu, Concrete Loop founder Angel Laws, WXPN’s Bruce Warren and moderator Slomovitz to offer advice on how to outlast the blogosphere’s fleeting attention span. Artists feel pressure to churn out content like singles, music videos and remixes in order to keep buzz about themselves alive on the internet—which is exactly the impulse an artist should avoid, the panelists recommended. “If you’re actually getting that attention [on the web], don’t take every opportunity that comes your way,” Goldberg said, warning artists and publicists not to tire out bloggers and listeners with a high volume of hype. “Slowly show that you’re somebody that will have something to say two months from now, six months from now, a year from now.”

The panelists offered a slew of tips for bloggers, artists and publicists alike. Goldberg, Slomovitz and Warren recommended logging as much time onstage as possible over bolstering buzz in order to move “beyond blogfamous.” Laws recommended sending a press kit, photo and website along with tracks or press releases. Eliscu, who took over Harcourt’s role by peppering the conversation with deadpan witticisms, advised the audience not to send “dick pics.”