Being halfway done with something can be a cause for celebration or a cause for concern. It can be seen as a moment of victory (“I’m halfway done with the race”) or as a moment of sorrow (“I’m halfway done with this cake”). For music fans, the year’s halfway point is usually a time to take stock of things—which is just a fancy way of saying make lists. Lots of lists. Since the year is only half-way through, these lists will be a little haphazard in nature and imprecise in design. Will we still be cranking that Youth Lagoon track in November? Will Autre Ne Veut’s “Counting” still move us in December? Will we be able to listen to “Get Lucky” without murdering someone by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around?
We’re not sure. That’s what makes these lists fun: We’ll never be sure. But here’s what we know: These are the songs we love (so far). Some of these tracks were pop smashes (“Blurred Lines”) and some might melt your radio (thank you Pharmakon). Some will make you dance, while others will make you crawl into the fetal position and send text messages to someone you deleted from your phone. They are all essential. And they are all on a Spotify playlist below. Aren’t you lucky.

Top 25 Songs Of 2013 (So Far…)
01. Pure X – “Someone Else”
02. The Memories – “En Espanol”
03. Youth Lagoon – “Dropla
04. Neko Case – “Man”
05. Haim – “Falling”
06. Telekinesis – “Empathetic People”
07. CHVRCHES – “Recover”
08. Alpine – “Hands”
09. Daft Punk – Get Lucky”
10. Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharell Williams – “Blurred Lines”
11. Splashh – “All I Wanna Do”
12. Eleanor Friedberger – “When I Knew”
13. Deerhunter – “Monomania”
14. Wavves – “Demon To Lean On”
15. Pharmakon – “Crawling On Bruised Knees”
16. AlunaGeorge – “Attracting Flies”
17. PVT – “Homosapien”
18. Chinx Drugz – “I’ma Coke Boy (Remix)
19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sacrilege”
20. Caitlin Rose – “Only A Clown”
21. Waxatachee – “Swan Dive”
22. Yo La Tengo – “Ohm”
23. Autre Ne Veut – “Counting”
24. Iceage – “Morals”
25. Low – “Just Make It Stop”
26. Austra – “Home”