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New York City’s sleepless lifestyle is fueled by the endless supply of late-night munchie spots, groovy bars, DIY music venues and big concert halls. Whether you’re wandering around the city between shows and panels, stumbling out of a club at 3 a.m. or trying to decide between venues during CMJ 2011, this year’s artists have a recommendation for you. Here’s the backstage low-down on the best venues, bars and snack spots in New York City.
Kyle James Hauser (Denver, CO): Russ And Daughters…they have 15 kinds of smoked salmon… Kmmm…
Headless Horseman (NY, NY): Glasslands Gallery, all the homies be there.
Caithlin De Marrais (Brooklyn, NY): Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain. My favorite thing on their menu is the Sundae Of Broken Dreams
Joe Hertler And The Rainbow Seekers (Lansing, MI): We’ve been told to say Shake Shack.
Dear Lions (NY, NY): Mercury Lounge. No question. Best place to see music seven nights a week.
Our Mountain (Melbourne, Australia): Pianos has ben kind to us, with both the frozen margaritas and the live shows.
Santah (Chicago, IL): We really dig the food and playing at Brooklyn Bowl. The Mexican corn from Cafe Habana is great as well.
Western Civ (Chapel Hill, NC): Really? There are just too many places to choose from! But if I had to pick, I’d say the Delancey would top the bar list just because it was the first venue we were invited to perform at in NYC. We played with Gold Streets, The Secret Life of Sophia and A Place To Bury Strangers.
Soft Reeds (Kansas City, MO): Any time of the day or night, I like to find myself at the Blackbird in Williamsburg.
Sarah RabDAU And Self-Employed Ass (Boston, MA): Employees Only in the West Village has the best cocktails I’ve ever had.
Lyle Divinsky (Portland, ME): Rockwood Music Hall is my favorite venue. Oasis or Punjabi are my favorite snack joints. So far, the favorite bar might be the Lucky Dog in Williamsburg because there are 20-something beers on tap, it’s quiet and cozy, with dogs, and a porch outside…I like that.
The Grownup Noise (Boston, MA): Being from Boston, which closes down at 2 a.m. sharp, we’re just too enamored by the amazing late night food selection to pick just one.
The Reason (Hamilton, Ontario): We’re wide-eyed Canadians in NYC so probably the first one we see!
Goodbyemotel (Melbourne, Australia): Our face NYC venues are a tie between Pianos, because it’s always up for a good time, any time, and Cake Shop because they make great tea any time, all the time!
Masia One (Vancouver, B.C.): Tell you the truth, I like beating a juice on Fulton Ave and watch the honeys stroll by.
Old Monk (Brooklyn, NY): The New York Public Library on 42nd Street. They never let us play there, but I keep asking.
Howth (Brooklyn, NY): Glasslands is great. They should really get snacks, then they’d be even better. Also, they should get a cheaper beer and shot combo. That and snacks would make them the greatest thing in New York.
Derek Nicoletto (NY, NY): Industry, because I always get lucky.
Papertwin (Brooklyn, NY): Mars Bar [R.I.P.]
The Hush Now (Boston, MA): Any place dark with whiskey.
The Wildbirds (Milwaukee, WI): Niagara has always been our favorite bar. And delicious pizza at any time of the day or night.
Shayfer James (Cranford, NJ): I adore Pravda on Lafayette…fig-infused vodka. Yes please.
tHe GrEat aPeS (NY, NY): Lulu’s…as in, free-pizza-with-every-pint Lulu’s.
Pernikoff Brothers (St. Louis, MO): Katz’s Deli in the Lower East Side. Pastrami. Amazing.
Sky White Tiger (Brooklyn, NY): The Angel Orensanz Synagogue
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